Cricket Warm-Up Routine

A simple and effective warm-up routine that improves speed. Try the following 6 exercises for 5-10 minutes to prevent common but severe cricket injuries.

  • Simple Jog
  • Sprinting laps
  • Side-way Running with a Shuffle
  • Alternate Butt-Kick Running
  • High Knee Running
  • Lew Wing with Support
About coach / academy:

Sanjeevani Cricket Academy, run in Bandra, was formed by local social worker and sports enthusiast Mr. Virendra Zagade along with the then Mumbai U - 17 coach Mr. Satish Samant. The academy was inaugurated by former Indian test cricketer and current Mumbai coach Mr. Pravin Amre, and has emerged, over the years, as one of the most popular destinations for grassroots cricket coaching in the city. A number of athletes from Sanjeevani Cricket Academy have represented Mumbai at the U-16 & U-19 levels.