Warm Up Drills: Flexibility

The video focuses on drills to improve flexibility of athletes which can be added to the daily warm-up routines. Try the following simple workouts for a good dynamic warm-up before your game :-

  • Simple jogging
  • Alternate shuffling knee up
  • Alternate shuffling butt kick
  • Alternate shuffling ankle touch
  • Forward kick and shuffle
  • Forward high kick with shuffle
  • Forward bend on one leg, kick back with other
  • Hip rotation inside and outside with shuffle
About coach / academy:

India Rush SC, formerly known as Mumbai Rush SC is an AIFF accredited academy and international partner of the Rush Soccer, the world's largest youth soccer club. IRSC runs academy training programs across grassroots to pros in India, USA and Portugal. To book now click here: https://goo.gl/zQswTg