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KheloIndia Programme by The Government

Why KheloMore Is the Right Aggregator for KheloIndia

Khelo India Partner – KheloMore

“Sports should be an integral part of our everyday life. Some people think that sports is important only for physical well-being, I feel sports is important for overall development of an individual. We are a large and diverse nation. Sports can be a great means of national integration.“ - Narendra Modi

We all know the importance of sports – not only do they help build a physically fit body, but also a sound mind and well-adjusted, all-rounded personality, which is a very strong and valuable social asset. Playing sports from a young age inculcates team spirit, develops strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting, and risk taking. Playing sports help develop a sense of friendliness amongst children, their mental and physical toughness and a strong sense of team spirit. These are extremely essential personality traits and skills required in their later, corporate lives; or even just throughout their lives. And a fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and a strong nation.While a majority of countries worldwide have already made their mark and their name in the sports arena, India, due to lack of infrastructure and lack of governmental interest has always remained the backbencher. Yet, in the last couple of decades, despite the lack of empathy, the Indian sportspersons have begun to shine internationally. This steady progress in sports just shows the tremendous potential that India has and now needs to be showcased effectively at a global platform.Now is the time to inspire young talent and provide them with top-notch infrastructure and training of the highest level. Sports is an extremely important component of the overall development of India and a strong spirit of participation needs to now be inculcated amongst our youngsters.

Khelo India Programme by The Government

Today, with the introduction of the ambitious Khelo India programme by the government, under the watchful eye of the sports minister Rajyavardhan Rathore, sports in India has gained momentum. Khelo India Scheme is promulgated by Sports Authority of India (SAI) under the aegis of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) and it allows the population to harness the power of sports through its cross-cutting influence, namely holistic development of children & youth, community development, social integration, gender equality, healthy lifestyle, national pride and economic opportunities related to sports development. Even encouraging at the school, district and state level; India can hope to see many, many more medals in the future international games meets and Olympics!All across the world, most of the medal-winning nations have an early-grooming system where they identify young talent and give them opportunities to train and coach with the best in the field. To identify the talent, they have facilities that allow children from a very young age, say 5 or 6 years on, play a variety of sports. The identified talent is then encouraged to hone their sport through top-level coaches or academies.Here, in India, there hasn’t been such a centralized, unified approach before the Khelo India initiative.

Why KheloMore Is the Right Aggregator for Khelo India

KheloMore has a similar vision; that of making India a complete sports nation by next decade. Keeping this vision in mind, KheloMore has identified some key areas that need assimilating; the main one being the availability of top quality coaches for school-level children. KheloMore is an app that aggregates coaches and academies with young athletes. The app operates in multiple cities, across multiple sports. The idea is to encourage sports participation from an earlier age, providing top-of-the-line coaching facilities, in turn, increasing India’s medal chances at International games.Starting off as a service provider for parents looking to enroll their children into sports like Football, Cricket, and Tennis, KheloMore, within a year, spread to sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Chess with some of the top coaches and academies in their kitty. Today, KheloMore also has partnerships with the best Cricket, Football and Tennis academies in the country!KheloMore also, conducts informative workshops on Sports Science, Nutrition and Psychology on a regular basis, providing with an all-round sports service for the young Indian talent.Now, in association with the ambitious Khelo India programme, KheloMore is a proud inventory aggregation partner for the Khelo India Website and App to help young India play more sport effectively.On this new venture, here’s what KheloMore’s founder, Jatin Paranjape has to say –“India, with the world's youngest population, has the potential and opportunity to be a leading Sports Nation. Khelo India's Website and App empowers every Indian to discover sports facilities and sports coaching in their vicinity, thereby providing the first step towards playing a sport regularly. KheloMore is proud to work with Khelo India on this historic initiative which allows coaches to access a wider audience and market by leveraging technology.”

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